Thursday, June 4, 2009

Now here's something we hope you'll really like...

This spring season, the Boys and Girls at Chalmers 
Elementary focused their service-learning projects on 
homelessness.  Because their school is across the 
street from the Chicago Christian Industrial League, the students paid a number of visits to the organization to learn first-hand about the issue.  At the CCIL, the poet-athletes learned about what causes homelessness in the first place, and thought hard about how they could help.  With guidance from Coach Marissa, the Chalmers Girls offered up this poem:

Just Like Me and You
America SCORES Chicago
Chalmers 3rd-5th Grade Girls Team 

Help the homeless,
Yeah, that’s what we said.
You can’t treat them like garbage
just because they don’t have a roof over their head.

CCIL (repeat )x4

Homelessness can happen to anyone,
it could happen to you.
We’re the Chalmers Cavaliers
here to tell you what you can do. 

                Donate money.
                Volunteer your time.
                Read books to kids.
                Write a poem.
                Draw pictures for the families.
                Cook a meal.
                Shake their hand.
                Smile and laugh.

Don’t be afraid to reach out your hand.
We need to understand
the lesson that we planned.

CCIL  (repeat x4)

They might need a friend.
The CCIL knows what to do.
Think about how we can help.
Homeless people have talents too.

At first we felt sad
because we didn’t know what to do.
Now we understand that they are families,
just like me and you.

Happiness comes from who we are
not from what we have.
So do something to make a difference,
and you will feel glad. 

There we are folks.  From the mouths of babes.  "Happiness comes from who we are/ not from what we have."  

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