Friday, April 20, 2012

Chicago Poet-Athletes Perform at New York's Apollo Theater

America SCORES celebrates the achievements of its poet-athletes through the National Poetry SLAM in New York City. This year, Tiana from Pilsen Academy and Andres from Castellanos Elementary were chosen to represent the Windy City and perform at the world famous Apollo Theater in Harlem.

Tiana, Andres, and their chaperon Coach Ernie flew to New York City on Friday afternoon (the first time either of the 5th graders had been on a plane). There they joined their new teammates- 28 other poet-athletes from across the country- and got to know one each other through fun games and dinner time.

The next day, the students went through an intensive Poetry Slam Boot Camp, working very hard to learn their lines, blocking and cues. But when they weren't rehearsing, the two CPS students were able to take in the sights of The Big Apple, snap photos in Time Square, and play a soccer scrimmage with fellow poet-athletes in Central Park.

After two whirlwind days of performance workshops and sightseeing, the day of the show had arrived. Check out the photos of Tiana and Andres on stage at the Apollo, alongside the poems they performed.

There is a storm in my brain
I hear thunder roaring and bursting
Words are falling like little rain drops
Wind is blowing
Words are flying all around me
A tornado of ideas spins destroying everything in its path
Lightning strikes electrifying madness!
It feels like the storm is never going to endIs this a brainstorm?

By Tiana, age 10
Pilsen Academy

As sweet as hot chocolate
I will smell you
I will taste you
Soft as a bunny helping me relax like a day at the spa
Hot as lava consuming my body in flames
Light as a piece of paper floating and landing where they choose
Tart like acid slicing through emotions exposing sadness that’s hidden
Words of praise from my Mom
You are bright as the sun
You are the most magnificent thing in the world

By Andres R., age 10
Castellanos Elementary

Congratulations to Tiana, Andres and all the poet-athletes from across the country on their hard work and wonderful performances.

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