Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Poet-athlete recruited to join US National Team!

It is with great pleasure that we announce Rigo, an 8th grader at Castellanos Elementary, has been called up to the under 15 US National Soccer Team. SCORES is proud that Rigo’s hard work and devotion have paid off; no one is more deserving of this accomplishment.

"Ever since he was in 3rd grade he has been the most skilled player on the field; but he is also so humble.  He makes everyone around him better." – Coach Dean

Rigo- 2008 Castellanos Elementary Team

I have also been fortunate enough to play with and coach Rigo at numerous intersession and summer camps as well as with the SCORES All-Star Team this year. Yes, he is undoubtedly (literally and figuratively) head and shoulders the best player the SCORES program has had the pleasure of working with, but more importantly, he personifies the SCORES core values of leadership, teamwork and commitment.
Rigo-2011 Castellanos Middle School Team
He is consistently patient with all of his teammates, regardless of their skill (which varies widely, since America SCORES is an all-inclusive program). Always leading by example and helping his teammates in every possible way, I have never heard him utter a negative comment, win or lose. Balancing his time with a Chicago club team,  Rigo's dedication is unparalleled; he has attending every single camp America SCORES has offered over the last five years and at Castellanos his attendance has been impeccable.

Rigo clearly has a love for the game that has proven to be insatiable. America SCORES is happy to have played a part in his character development and we are confident he will stay grounded amid the bright future that awaits him. We all congratulate Rigo on his first call up and wish him the best of luck as he heads off to the Netherlands to play with the National Team!
               -Coach Brian 

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