Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Birth of a Blog

America SCORES Chicago is a unique, comprehensive, youth development program which uses the triad of soccer, poetry, and service-learning to equip and inspire under-served 3rd-8th grade students to lead healthy lifestyles, become engaged students, and to grow into leaders for their school and their community.

America SCORES' diverse program builds connections...

...between teamwork on the field and teamwork in the classroom.

...between developing a voice in your writing and making your voice heard in the community.

...between good sportsmanship and engaged citizenship.

...between healthy choices on Game Day and healthy choices for life.

...between identifying challenges and the responsibility to be part of solutions

This blog is also intended to build connections...

...between our poet-athletes and our supporters.

...between our efforts and the good work being done by other agencies in our community.

...between our curriculum and the best practice research in youth development.

...between the challenges faced by our youth and our communities, and the many opportunities (volunteer, support, donation, word-of-mouth, and more) where you can make an impact.

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