Thursday, October 22, 2009

One big, giant update

Well hello there America SCORES fans! It’s been quite a while since we’ve updated (how embarrassing), but fear not: we’ve got the scoop of the century.

First things first- Inspired Art was a blast, and we raised close to $7,000! Artists from all over the City of Chicago (and even all over the world) donated beautiful original works of art, drawing from our very own poet-athletes’ words for inspiration. There were paintings, sculptures and mosaics (oh my!), and an anonymous family foundation matched every single cent that was raised at the event. We’ll get pictures up soon!

Second of all- Game Days! Oh the weather outside is frightful/ But the kids/ They are delightful/ So since we can’t play inside/ Play outside/ Play outside/ Play outside!

Yes, it’s true, we didn’t get out usual indoor Game Day spots at Chi-Town Futbol due to the overwhelming and lovely success of the L’il Kickers program. Nevertheless, we are forging ahead and sticking our tongues out at cloudy days. If you want to see some great pictures, click here!

Thirdly- Fall FRENZY! is on October 30 in Douglas Park, featuring games, activities, and team pictures. Would you like to volunteer? Contact Marissa Hirsh for more details.

Last but not least- It’s Poetry SLAM! time! The kids are working hard with Coach Amy to prepare themselves for their great stage debut. Would you like to attend the Poetry SLAM or volunteer? Let us know!

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