Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Searching" for a way to support America SCORES?

What if I told you that you could support America SCORES Chicago right now or any time, for free, in your pajamas.

I'm intrigued...what do I do?

America SCORES Chicago is a featured charity on

Instead of going to Google (I know its a habit) or Yahoo (because goodsearch actually uses yahoo), or Bing (cool name) to search, go to Goodsearch. It works just like a search engine (since it is one) except that each search you make gives about $.01 to SCORES. When you go to the homepage page, it asks you "Who do you search for." Find "America SCORES - Chicago" and start searching. Piece of cake.

$.01 per search? That doesn't sound like much money, can it make a difference?

Imagine if only 4 people use Goodsearch for SCORES twice a day (i.e. "Who did America draw in the world cup?" "great last minute holiday gift ideas." There, today is taken care of.) SCORES gets a donation that covers one kid's writing supplies. If 35 people start using it periodically, that's covers a full season of programming for one new student. You get the idea.

I'm in... but I'm afraid I'll forget. I'm so used to using other search engines.
Goodsearch has a toolbar you can download:

It'll be right there for easy use.
Also, it provides links to online stores (from Banana Republic to Amazon to Walmart, which will also give a portion (.5-3%) of your purchase to America SCORES Chicago as long as you go to their website through the "Goodshop" button or through

Sounds awesome! I'll start right away. And I'll tell everyone I know who would like to support Chicago's youth while playing around online (which should be pretty much everyone, I'd think.)

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