Tuesday, March 30, 2010

America SCORES Junior Recap!

80 parents and family members joined America SCORES at Chalmers Elementary on March 20th, 2010 for SCORES Junior’s first and only Game Day of 2010! Students met for a day of friendly soccer fun, along with family members who cheered them on.

From January-March of 2010 SCORES piloted the America SCORES Junior program, welcoming K-2nd graders as active participants into an age-appropriate version of Literacy in Action.

Two pilot schools, Chalmers and Gregory, were chosen for the Junior version of SCORES. Drawing from the proven results and successes of the America SCORES poetry and soccer curricula, the Program Directors and Program Staff created a new curriculum meant for 5-8 year-olds.

The goal of SCORES Junior is to get youth excited about reading and writing at an early age, and introduce them to America SCORES and the game of soccer. We want our students to be familiar with our programming by the time they reach 3rd grade, with the hope that they will be excited to jump to the next level where they will participate in more strict curricula and athletic teams.

Throughout the mini-season, Junior poet-athletes learned soccer basics such as ball handling and soccer rules, and how to write a rhyme and act out an original poem.

Because of the success of the initial run, our goal is to continue the SCORES Junior program in the future winter periods between our regular 3rd-8th grade seasons.

Quick Facts:
  • Started on the week of January 11, 2010 at Chalmers and Gregory Schools
  • Sessions ran 2 days a week
  • Each session included 45 minutes of soccer and 45 minutes of writing
  • Up to 30 students enrolled per school, with 15 students split up into 2 groups, one on soccer first and the other writing, and then switching
  • There were 14 sessions at Chalmers, 10 at Gregory
  • 50 students served
  • Game Day was a successful culmination of the pilot with excellent student and parent attendance

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