Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's time to SHOUT!!!

Yes, kids have a voice, and it matters. Why?

One day, and not too far from now, these voices will have gone through full-blown development, along with their bodies, minds and sense of responsibility. They will write articles, present issues, analyze problems, and realize that the seemingly enduring realities of their communities, ones that aimed to halt their success and those of others, are after all not entirely permanent. They will understand that things can change for the better, and that what we see in the present is not what it has to be. Their voices will be the voices that will matter, and their thoughts are flourishing now in the seeds of their young minds.

And they're ready to share their opinions with you.

This Friday, May 14th over 400 Chicago public school students from the America SCORES program shout out their community concerns as part of the America SCORES service-learning event: the Shout! Community Service Day. The event will take place at Douglas Park at 4:00pm.

Students will write poems sharing what they enjoy and what they would like to change about their communities. The Shout! offers youth an opportunity to counter the adage that children should be seen and unheard, giving them a chance to weigh in on issues that affect them directly. It represents the culmination of America SCORES Chicago's spring season Writing for the Community and Leadership in Action program, an after-school curriculum designed to empower students to effect positive change in their communities.

Interested in volunteering, or simply hearing what our kids have to say?
Give us a call at 312-666-0496, and ask how you can join us on Friday, May 14th at 4PM at Douglas Park's Nike Soccer Field (18th and California) to learn from Chicago's West Side youth.

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