Wednesday, May 5, 2010

SCORES World FoosCup Recap!

Last Thursday, April 29 Small Bar hosted the first
SCORES' foosball tournament, the SCORES World FoosCup, a world-cup themed tournament-fundraiser to benefit the 500 westside Chicago youth we serve. America SCORES Chicago welcomed new faces to the program, and appreciates the support of everyone who participated and came to have a fun night with friends.

Although SCORES later greeted over 50 foosball aficionados, the first tasks were to insure that the main characters of the night were present, presentable, oiled and well-stretched. Thanks to two awesome foosball tables--aptly named Ellis Park and Green Point Stadiums, after two real-life World Cup venues in South Africa--the brave and armless men and women were set to take the field in our momentous for-charity and for-glory event.

The stadiums each received a good dose of field board advertising, promoting our sponsors for the tournament, The Chicago Red Stars, our upcoming real-life corporate tournament, the SCORES Cup, and our organization, America SCORES.

And of course, our poet-athletes were well-represented, and were the focus of our charity tournament-fundraiser. Their stories were told through our publications, promotional materials and photographs, which showed them playing soccer, writing and presenting service-learning projects. Guests eventually took a glimpse into America SCORES, with pictures of our poet-athletes also cycling through the night in a TV slide show hovering over the tourney.

Finally, with the tiny men and women eager to play...

...the showdown was set!

Teams of two each represented a World Cup country,
received their personalized country flags
and displayed them proudly as they battled through 3 minute
games over the next two hours of competition.

In the end, 16 World Cup countries reached the single elimination
bracket. The final, hosted at Green Point Stadium, saw a 5 minute struggle
between Honduras and the Netherlands.

Eventually, Honduras was crowned Champion (top), with Netherlands taking a respectable second place trophy (bottom).

Check out all of the FoosCup pictures on our facebook page,
and oh yeah, become a fan :)

America SCORES thanks EVERYONE who joined us at this incredible event.

Most importantly, we thank you for supporting our mission:

America SCORES Chicago empowers students in urban communities by using soccer, writing, creative expression and service-learning. With teamwork as a unifying value, SCORES inspires youth to lead healthy lifestyles, be engaged students and become agents of change in their communities.

Thank you for supporting our free after-school programming, which brings effective youth development practices to 500 students in southwest Chicago. We hope to see you next time!

A special thanks to our SCORES World FoosCup official sponsors:

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